The Puck Fair – Paperback


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The Puck Fair is Ireland’s oldest celebration and one of humanity’s most ancient. Ireland is remarkably special when it comes to preserving historical events, as it is also the birthplace of Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.

Puck Fair is celebrated annually on the 10th 11th and 12th of August in 
Killorglin, Co. Kerry. It is strongly believed to have Pagan origins way back to the
4th century. The ritual of the goat was joined with an animal fair in the 16th
 century by Sir Jenkin Conway. This incredible celebration is steeped in history
but is also surrounded by fascinating myths and legends.
A wild mountain goat is captured from the rugged Kerry Mountains. He is 
crowned king of Killorglin town and raised 15 metres in the air onto a decorated
 platform. There he watches over the people for three days and nights while the 
locals and visitors rejoice with electric energy and vigor.

In Kerry this event is marked on the calendar with an excitement and
anticipation that can only be matched at Christmas. This book examines the
 mesmerizing story of The Puck Fair, featuring twelve exclusive paintings and 
over one hundred photographs new and old.By learning about Puck you will be brought on a fascinating journey through 
Irish history, the great Daniel O Connell, the gruesome Oliver Cromwell and
 Irelands Celtic past.Come and learn about one of the world’s oldest thriving carnivals.